Providing Totally Integrated Solutions

Providing Totally Integrated Solutions


Date : OCT 4, 2017

Source : The Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Godwin Pinto, Business Head Mobility, CMSS

Godwin Pinto is the Business Head Mobility at Cyber Managers Software Solutions (CMSS). He has been in the Information Technology sector since last 10 years. Having done MBA in Marketing from Welingkar Institute of Management and Bachelors in IT, he has a mixed knowledge of both worlds. Being an enterprise product architect during the initial five years of his career, he has been leading various large scale projects with top organizations in India in their Human Resource and BFSI space.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Godwin says, “We have been serving large organizations with Niche HR products The way going forward is to not only IT enable HR processes but look also at the automation aspects in this industry.”

Tell us a few words about CMSS?

CMSS is a provider of "Totally Integrated Solutions" in the areas of Software Products, Application Engineering and Professional Service. CMSS works on an ancient Indian work-ethic of "Manasa > Vacha > Karmana", meaning "We commit only to those tasks, which we think we can accomplish and deliver upon our commitment". CMSS has been in business for the last 17 years and has experience of 10.5 million man hours with over 200+ professionals dedicated to bring your best-of-class service.

What is H# (H Sharp)?

H# (pronounced Aitch Sharp), is a Chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning designed and trained for Human Resource industry. The ideology behind H# was a paradigm shift from human learning to machine learning. Apps were traditionally designed to make human search through navigational menus and content to find or transact what they need, however, with the evolvement of Chatbots the intent was let the thinking be done by machine while user mentions what they want to do.

This has a direct effect on the time it takes to seek information and also in transaction. For example, a leave application from traditional application based system would be around 30-60 seconds (Login-> Leave menu -> Apply leave menu -> Fill Form -> Submit). However, incase of a chatbot the transaction time would be neared to half by just typing "Apply Privilege leave for tomorrow".

What is the USP of H Sharp?

CMSS has worked on HR IT enabling with many large organization for the last 15 years. The experience gained when working with large organizations to digitize their processes was enormous. With this huge amount of HR centric knowledge, the Chatbot is designed with best practices. The Chatbot thus comes along with a well experienced and specialized mind over its competitors which may still just be brains.

What is the latest trend with regards to HR Bots?

HR bots have been currently in the trend of optimizing helpdesk by reducing their loads towards common HR queries. Aiding in decision making will soon be the next step. For example, it often happens that employees who are key players end up skipping leaves which they actually deserve. And specially when they request leave during project critical occasion.

However, trends have started picking up in the field of Virtual on-boarding and recruitment. Going forward processes which can eliminate HR human intervention will move towards Bot. For example, CMSS’s other product named "Continuous Feedback" would collate data and based on feedback data derive out a suggested rating to reporting manager about a suggest PMS rating.

Bots in future will be able to have SIRI integration, once Apple permits it on the iOS platform, this will ease access to bots. Whatsapp is another such interface being looked forward to.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?

As part of CMSS we have been serving large organization with Niche HR products like 360 degree feedback, PMS, Continuous Feedback, H# -Chatbot, e-Ngage Mobility, etc. The way going forward is to not only IT enable HR processes but look also at the automation aspects in this industry.

With H#, we can now look at enabling HR and employees to engage into more effective activities than only striving to achieve mundane tasks.