The Birth of Hsharp

CMSS launches workforce management Chatbot


Date : AUG 2, 2017

Source : The Hindu Business Line

Cyber Managers Software Solutions (CMSS) has launched a talk Bot named H# (H Sharp). Designed for natural language understanding, the Bot can make human-like natural conversation with the support of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

H# can be plugged-in on different social communication platforms, the company said in a statement.

“The need for automating human resource functions arose long time ago as the world saw increasingly large corporates adapting software, and apps taking over the mundane tasks of managing people at work. Historically, as Human Capital Management (HCM) systems were designed by engineers, they have stressed more on the ‘system’ component than the ‘human’ component; the actual user who is going to be affected by it,” Godwin Pinto, Business Head at CMSS said.

“This has resulted in systems which although extremely functional, limit themselves to manage and transact with human capital rather than engaging with it,” Pinto added.

HR Bots allows interactive, response-based real-time functions. The features include support for common HR functions such as sick leave, suggestive data intelligence for assistance in approvals, highly-personalised responses based on user’s profile, and pre-trained common HR queries, among others.

“HR Bots should not be seen as adversaries, but as colleagues, they are here to facilitate rhythm in daily HR tasks, for instance, form filling, maintaining musters, and managing leaves, among others. Hence, the organisation can utilise their HR workforce productively into tasks where a human touch or human reasoning is required,” Godwin added.